Unpack the TEKS

Welcome to the world of TEKS! Before reading this post, please understand that I am so not a weirdo and there is absolutely no reason why I should be able to tell you so much information about how to accurately analyze TEKS the way I’m about to. Forgive me now. So, let’s get started! First,…

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Create a Balanced Classroom: Teach, Assess, Analyze Data. You, as the teacher, should not use more energy than the learners.


Love Them into Comfortability

Cuffing 101 Typically, in relationships, we start off with the small talk which sometimes leads to deeper conversations. Now this relationship game is a process- as we know. If they make it past the first few dates and pass all of your tests, you began to feel a little more comfortable and began desiring to…

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Making Money Moves (Don’t Be Like Me)

The Assistant Principal interrupted my great math lesson about circumference to hand me a stack of papers. He quickly said, without making eye contact, “Give each of your students one of these to take home to their parents.” I looked at the heading of the papers. I looked at him. I looked back at the heading to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Then, I looked back at him. He walked off.

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