Interactive Math Journals

You asked! I answered!

I hope this video really help you all design the layout of your Math Journals! Now, as you will see, I am not the MOST creative; however, I did share meaningful tips that will help you through this process.


Scissors, Tape, Ribbon, Ruler, Sticky Notes, and Transparency Film


Click here to download the editable version of the Mathematician Creed, Bulldog Pride, and QR code handout.











3 thoughts on “Interactive Math Journals”

  1. What is your experience with /opinion on a table of contents? I noticed you didn’t have one and throughout the year I forget to direct students to add to theirs, but I know they can be helpful.


    1. Hey! I honestly am terrible at updating the Table of Contents so I always exclude that part. Some educators are great with remembering but I am just not that person lol. However, I do have a system that works for me. Instead of number the pages 1, 2, 3, etc. I actually have the students number their pages based on dates. For example, page 1- The Place Value of a Digit make take three pages… but my Page 2 would not start until I began teaching with another title. I will post a picture of what I mean.

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