Love them into Comfortability

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This particular blog was inspired by a combination of Erykah Badu and a random walk through the hallways. My last thoughts before typing up this crazy blog was: What if their boo knew what type of teacher they really were?

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“This post was GREAT! As an educator our work is our ministry and through this ministry we have the responsibility of building authentic relationships with the students we serve. It is through our transparency and openness that’s students are able to relate, connect, and begin making changes in their own lives, so I really appreciate your transparency in this post and allowing your experiences to now serve and motivation and inspiration for your students.”


Wow. Great post! God is certainly using you to get to the hearts of your students. They are connecting with your story. The students of this generation/culture calls for a different type of teacher- one that sees their value beyond classroom content and test scores. You have that type of teacher mindset, and that is something I saw firsthand with my students as a 9th year teacher. Thanks for sharing. Now I don’t feel alone. Lol.


That level of transparency was deep. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Developing real authentic relationships require pushing pass incentives and it often takes doing more than once.


This was not only inspiring but beautiful as well! God is using you in more ways than you know. Great job!!